About Us

Providing Innovative Entertainment Experiences

Founded in 2003, Let Loose Vegas was born from catering to a celebrity clientele. LLV has widened its realm of exclusivity to trendsetters seeking only the best. We’re more than just a service; we provide an experience.

At the core of what we do — is our…VIP advantage in creating personalized, all-inclusive pricing experiences for bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties free of surprises and no-hassle / at-the-door “up” charges.


As a lifestyle-entertainment liaison, we focus on providing our clients contemporary and high-value entertainment. And unlike traditional concierge services, we do not sit on a proven formula until it wears out. At LLV, we’re always manifesting new ways to innovate, redefine and push the envelope when it comes to a fun and memorable “Vegas” experience.